Texas Electricity Providers Aim For TXU Customers

Electric companies in Texas are hoping that the recent bankruptcy of EFH, the parent company for TXU Energy, will cause customers to shop for other alternatives for their electricity.  The restructuring of the parent company as part of the bankruptcy process should have no impact on the ongoing business of its component companies which include the retail electric provider TXU as well as the unit of the company that owns and operates power plans.

Still, TXU’s competitors in Texas are offering aggressive promotions in hope of winning over nervous customers.  For example, Bounce Energy, Direct Energy, and First Choice Power are all currently offering $150 prepaid Visa cards to new customers who opt for their 12 month electricity plans.

Most of Texas is a deregulated electricity market.  This means consumers are free to choose their providers.  Austin, however, is not a deregulated electricity market.

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