Thursday, 06 March 2014

Rick Perry

PUC Stands Down On Texas Electricity Overhaul

As the tide changes in Texas, alterations in the energy markets in the state do not appear to be happening any time soon. There are fears in the state over the supply of energy that is available.

However, the fears are only coming from proponents of the changes. Those who are opposed to the changes believe that the supply concerns are not as dramatic as once thought. This means that the state is going to wait on changing their energy markets. This shift in focus again makes one wonder if Texas will ever completely make a change to their energy market policies.

The next big crisis in demand will likely force the state to reevaluate their markets, but for the time being, the state is going to keep their markets operating as they always have. As long as people have energy and the whole state doesn’t lose power, the markets may never change.


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