EDF Renewable Energy Acquires Texas Wind Farm

The new farm to be called Spinning Spurs 3 will be built just next to Spinning Spurs 2 in Oldham County. While this new acquisition is a boon to wind power in the state, the farms will be selling to many different customers.

These three spinning spurs are selling in different places. The first will sell power to the Southwestern Public Service while the second will be selling on the spot market. The third spur will sell to Garland Power & Light and Georgetown Utility Systems. With these new investments, the hope is that Texas can keep up with energy demand even as the state goes through its coldest winters and hottest summers.

The use of alternative energy has spurred community support as these wind power options are much cleaner and safer than the coal-fired options all over the state. With this support, the wind power farms could send their electricity to large cities all over the state.

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